A PLC programming company in Chattanooga on the job

What Types of Operations Does a PLC Programming Company Support?

A PLC programming company offers services that use programmable logic controllers to support the operations for most automated or semi-automated industrial equipment. Programming is the most important part of the operation because it is essential for maintaining and expanding the system’s operations to maximize the program’s ROI. But what are some of these operations? To find out, read on.


Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) features control systems comprised of computers, networked data communications, and GUIs to supervise the machines and processes. These systems also include sensors and PLCs that interface with the plant itself or the machinery within it. SCADA PLCs provide control for discrete, batch, and process applications.

A PLC programming company in Chattanooga on the job

These are ideal for severe industrial environments such as those with extreme temperatures, damp and humid conditions, and areas that have a lot of vibration where human controllers cannot deliver the exact performance necessary for success.

Safety Solutions

Up until recently, manufacturers needed to use hard-wired safety relays and separate circuits dedicated to safety protocols. Now, dedicated safety PLCs interface directly with safety equipment for emergency stops on production lines and light screens that stop operating if the screen is broken. These PLCs protect both the workers and the equipment from damage.

Modern Manufacturing

Manufacturing is faster and more efficient than ever, thanks to automation and the Internet of Things (IoT). PLCs act as a database in real-time to make important production decisions. The PLC transmits data, including sensor readings, performance data, and more, to be analyzed and make the manufacturing process more efficient. This data allows managers to manage raw materials, inventory, logistic decisions, and much more.

Recipe Management

Recipe management is a term used for large-scale, high-volume processes that involve mixing and processing specific ratios of materials. Industrial food production is one example of a complex process that benefits from PLC help. The PLCs make sure that ingredients are added in the proper amounts, blended, and prepared with little manager intervention. This automation saves money by reducing errors, maximizing efficiency, and reducing waste during the production process. 

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