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What Types of Operations Does a PLC Programming Company Support?

A PLC programming company offers services that use programmable logic controllers to support the operations for most automated or semi-automated industrial equipment. Programming is the most important part of the operation because it is essential for maintaining and expanding the system’s operations to maximize the program’s ROI. But what are some of these operations? To find out, read on.


Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) features control systems comprised of computers, networked data communications, and GUIs to supervise the machines and processes. These systems also include sensors and PLCs that interface with the plant itself or the machinery within it. SCADA PLCs provide control for discrete, batch, and process applications.

A PLC programming company in Chattanooga on the job

These are ideal for severe industrial environments such as those with extreme temperatures, damp and humid conditions, and areas that have a lot of vibration where human controllers cannot deliver the exact performance necessary for success.

Safety Solutions

Up until recently, manufacturers needed to use hard-wired safety relays and separate circuits dedicated to safety protocols. Now, dedicated safety PLCs interface directly with safety equipment for emergency stops on production lines and light screens that stop operating if the screen is broken. These PLCs protect both the workers and the equipment from damage.

Modern Manufacturing

Manufacturing is faster and more efficient than ever, thanks to automation and the Internet of Things (IoT). PLCs act as a database in real-time to make important production decisions. The PLC transmits data, including sensor readings, performance data, and more, to be analyzed and make the manufacturing process more efficient. This data allows managers to manage raw materials, inventory, logistic decisions, and much more.

Recipe Management

Recipe management is a term used for large-scale, high-volume processes that involve mixing and processing specific ratios of materials. Industrial food production is one example of a complex process that benefits from PLC help. The PLCs make sure that ingredients are added in the proper amounts, blended, and prepared with little manager intervention. This automation saves money by reducing errors, maximizing efficiency, and reducing waste during the production process. 

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5 Warning Signs of a Poor Industrial Electrical Services Provider?

There are many different industrial electrical companies out there, so how do you know which one is good for you? What are some red flags that indicate problems if you encounter them during an interaction with an industrial electrical services provider? Here are a few to look out for.

1 – Poor Communication

In industrial electrical services, poor communication leads to expensive downtime, worker injury, or even death. Therefore, an excellent industrial electrical company must provide clear information to the customer, the workers, vendors, other contractors, and each other to ensure that every industrial electrical project is completed correctly, safely, and under budget.

Industrial electrical services Columbia, SC

2 – Shows Up Late

An industrial electrical company that is OK with their workers showing up late—or not at all indicates that there will be problems when it comes to completing your project on time. Although occasionally things happen that make tardiness unavoidable, an excellent electrical services company prides itself on having work crews show up on time for every customer meeting—big or small—from the initial quote to the final clean up at the end of a project.

3 – Poor Attention to Detail

Poor attention to detail is another red flag that cannot be ignored. Because industrial equipment tends to deal with high voltages, dangerous machinery, or processes, poor attention to detail can lead to severe problems down the line. Poor attention to detail leads to expensive rework (to fix the problem right in the first place), work stoppages to make repairs or even accidents that may injure or kill a worker. A superior industrial electrical services company goes the extra mile to ensure that no small detail is overlooked when completing a project.

4 – Bad Attitude

Suppose an industrial electrician avoids answering customer questions. He ignores information that the business owners or company staff provide or gets argumentative with the customer about the type of equipment to install or electrical services to provide is a huge red flag. These traits damage the customer relationship, jeopardize the possibility of future work from that client, and possibly hurt the industrial electrical company’s reputation with the public.

5 – Inconsistent with Pricing and Safety Issues

If an electrical services company cannot provide definitive information for estimating the cost of work or addressing safety concerns, the customer’s trust quickly erodes. While project pricing may change slightly with the current economic conditions or if the scope of the project changes, the company generally has to earn the customer’s trust by providing in-depth answers and explanations for all pricing and safety issues.

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