An access management system installation in progress by an electrical contractor in Knoxville

What is an Access Management System?

When most people think about access management systems, they tend to think about the smart badge they use to unlock doors at their workplaces or the electronic door locks they can use their smartphones to unlock. But this is only a tiny part of an access management system. Instead, access management systems are mainly about access control.

An access management system installation in progress by an electrical contractor in Knoxville

Components of Access Management Systems

Some highly-regulated industries require tightly controlled access management of both systems and spaces of their employees, contractors, suppliers, and (at times) their customers. Some of the access control measures used include:

  • Proximity detection – This is the basis of the smart badges that are so common in today’s workplaces. These can be programmed to allow access to some buildings or areas within those buildings as dictated by that individual’s work assignments.
  • Fingerprint scans – One step beyond the smart badge is the installation of fingerprint scanners for all buildings and restricted areas within those buildings. This eliminates the need for a smart badge, and the company doesn’t have to worry about dealing with the headaches caused by lost badges or when the employee occasionally leaves it at home.
  • Facial Recognition – This is becoming more common in some industries. This also eliminates a need for smart badges and the headaches associated with them.
  • Smart Locks – These are key components that help control access using any of the other methods above, including keypads and key fobs. Smart locks allow you to provide the exact access your employees, contractors, suppliers, and customers need without giving them additional access that they don’t need (or that you don’t want them to have).

These are just a few components used to provide secure access management within your organization.

Identity and Access Management Systems

None of these access management components would work without a solid IT infrastructure to support it. This includes software and hardware. The software stores and handles the identity and profile data and keeps it secure from external and internal threats. Some of the methods used to manage this identity data include single sign-on systems, two-factor authentication, multifactor authentication, and privileged access management. These systems have well-defined parameters and follow data governance processes to ensure that the data provided is critical to the individual’s work assignments and not excessive. Some of the functions of these systems include:

  • Tracking how users are identified within the access management system
  • Establishing how the user roles are defined and implemented within the system
  • Protecting all sensitive data within the system
  • Adding, deleting, and updating users within the system as well as the access for them

All modern businesses require an access management system to ensure the safety of the company’s property, assets, workers, vendors, and customers.

Tri-State Electrical Provides World-Class Access Management System Installations in the Southeastern US

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Solar storage installation for the Tesla Powerwall storage system in Knoxville

Why the Tesla Powerwall Is One of the Best Solar Storage Solutions on the Market Today

With Elon Musk being very visible about the acquisition of Twitter over the last several weeks, it is easy to overlook one of his lesser-known innovations: the Tesla Powerwall.

The Emergence of Solar Storage Solutions

Solar panels have been an option for alternative energy for years to decrease electricity expenses and reduce carbon emissions. Still, it has always suffered from one major setback: when the sun goes down, so does your energy independence. The resolution to this issue is solar storage solutions. Channeling the solar energy into backup batteries during the day allows you to power your home or business during the night or unexpected outages.

Solar storage installation for the Tesla Powerwall storage system in Knoxville

Back in 2013, Tesla constructed Giga Nevada, a facility dedicated to producing lithium-ion batteries for their electric cars. In 2015, they began applying this technology to a home energy storage system, the Powerwall.

Factors That Make the Tesla Powerwall Stand Out

Tesla has been a leader in the production and improvement of solar storage solutions beginning with the battery storage solutions they innovated for the Tesla line of electric vehicles. Many of these innovations were also applicable to the home alternative energy markets. Here are a few of the factors that make the Tesla Powerwall stand out from other solar battery storage options for home energy storage:

  • Superior Battery Quality – Because of the reputation of the Tesla brand, a lot of research and development dollars have been invested in improving the efficiency, safety, and capacity of batteries developed for the Tesla line of electric vehicles. This investment carries over to the Powerwall line of home solar storage solutions.
  • One Price Fits All – Some solar storage solutions are sold and installed piece-meal. One price for the batteries, other fees for software and infrastructure to support the solution. The Tesla Powerwall includes the software, battery management cooling systems, and even a battery inverter at one price.
  • Self Sufficiency – The Tesla Powerwall allows the homeowner to power the home most, if not all, of the time enabling almost total energy independence.
  • Current Tax Credit Incentives for New Solar Installations – The Federal and many state governments are offering limited-time tax credits for homeowners who decide to install solar energy systems. This can result in hundreds to thousands of dollars in tax credits to offset your initial installation cost.
  • 10-Year Warranty – Very few energy-related household appliances offer a warranty of 10 years or more.

Allow Tri-State Electrical Contractors to Handle Your Solar Storage Installation

At Tri-State Electrical, we have the skill and experience to install Tesla Powerwall solar storage solutions for your home or business. For more information, get a quote for a solar storage installation by giving us a call at (423) 800-2134, fill out our simple online form, or email us at today.