Electrician at work on commercial electrical services in Augusta, GA

Tri-State Electrical Refocuses on Providing Commercial and Industrial Electrical Services

Tri-State Electrical Contractors announce that they are re-committing to a focus on their core electrical services such as commercial and industrial electrical projects, and scaling back work on solar technology projects.

“There is a lot of demand right now for industrial and especially commercial electrical projects, “ said Tri-State Electrical Contractors spokeswoman Candice Neal. “A lot of businesses have waited until the COVID-19 pandemic has receded before initiating new electrical projects.”

Electrician at work on commercial electrical services in Augusta, GA

Post-COVID In-Demand Commercial and Industrial Electrical Services

Now that business seems to be on the rebound, many companies see a need to upgrade or retrofit their current electrical systems, or even design new electrical systems to expand existing business. There has been a tremendous demand for the following services:

  • Upgrading Signage and Lighting – Clear, colorful signs and bright, energy-saving LED lights to make it easier for customers to find your business and the goods and services within it.
  • Electrical Load Analysis – Reduced operating hours and a need to cut costs have led many businesses to look at ways to save money. Conserving energy by taking action on the results of an electrical load analysis results in significant cost savings.
  • Generator Installation  Because of severe winter storms and record-breaking heat waves that have slammed into the Southeastern US this year, the electrical grid has been under considerable stress. Many businesses cannot afford to be without power, so many of them are investing in commercial and industrial generators.

This pent-up demand for commercial and industrial electrical work made us step back and take a closer look at what our customers wanted, and as it turned out, this was fewer solar technology installations and more commercial and industrial electrical work right now,” said Neal.

Tri-State Electrical is the Premier Commercial Electrical Company Serving the Southeastern US

We provide a wide variety of commercial electric services, including electrical system updates and retrofits, new lighting installations, electrical load analysis, backup generators installation, and much more. To learn more about how Tri-State Electrical can help you with your commercial electrical project, give us a call at (423) 800-2134, fill out our simple online form, or email us at info@tristateec.com today.

Work performed by a commercial electrical company Atlanta

How Does Tri-State Electrical Work Safely?

Safety is vital for anyone who works with electricity, especially industrial and commercial electrical contractors. We here at Tri-State Electrical Contractors take it very seriously, and here are some of the ways we keep it that way.

Safety is Foremost for Everyone in the Company

Tri-State Electrical Contractors features an on-going safety training program that ensures that our management, employees, and independent contractors all follow the highest safety standards within our industry. We go out of our way to ensure that our entire organization works to prevent accidents and ensure that all employees remain safe.

Work performed by a commercial electrical company Atlanta

Zero Tolerance for Unsafe Practices

We have a zero-tolerance policy for unsafe practices at work while emphasizing our rules, standards, and procedures when providing our services, from beginning to end.

Provide the Latest PPE and Tools for the Job

Tri-State Electrical provides the safest and most up-to-date person protective equipment (PPE) and tools to ensure our workers’ and our customers’ safety. Some of the PPE we issue:

  • Safety Glasses and Face Shields
  • Hard Hats
  • Safety Shoes
  • Insulating Gloves with Leather Protectors
  • Flame Resistant Clothing
  • Insulating Sleeves

Some of the other PPE that might be needed on a case-by-case basis includes:

  • Respirators
  • Chemical and Cut-Resistant Gloves and Chaps
  • Work Positioning Equipment such as Body Belts and Pole Straps
  • Fall Arrest Equipment

We also issue Insulating Protective Equipment (IPE) for job-specific tasks including:

  • Line Hoses
  • Rubber Hoods
  • Rubber Blankets
  • Insulating Live-Line Tools such as:
    • Hotsticks
    • Switchsticks
    • Shotgun Sticks

Receive Regular Unannounced Safety Inspections

To maintain these high safety standards, we have partnered with CORE Safety Group, the leader in onsite safety inspection and management, to review Tri-State’s safety practices and audit them. They are an independent third party providing additional safety feedback to the management team.

CORE conducts regular unannounced site safety inspections to review the worksite conditions and whether safe practices are followed. CORE documents each inspection with a detailed finding report allowing us to improve our safety practices continually. This ensures that both our employees and our customers are safe when electrical work is underway.

Follow Current Best Practices and Latest Training

The commercial electrical industry is constantly changing. The development of new technologies and best practices requires continued education and training. CORE provides various OSHA-compliant training courses to ensure that our workforce is up-to-date with the latest techniques and information on a wide array of topics within the electrical industry.

At Tri-State Electrical, Safety is Always Front and Center

We follow electrical safety best practices when delivering comprehensive commercial and industrial electric services, including high-voltage electrical work, motor controls, product line and conveyor systems, substations, generators, power distribution centers, and much more.

To learn more about how Tri-State Electrical can help you with your commercial electrical project, give us a call at (423) 800-2134, fill out our simple online form, or email us at info@tristateec.com today.