Example of a Tesla Powerwall in Augusta

Tesla Powerwall: Is it Worth the Investment?

Example of a Tesla Powerwall in Augusta

Tesla Powerwall coupled with solar panels will enable your house to go fully off grid and completely operate on your own energy or utilize a lot less energy from the grid. During the day, the panels will capture electricity from the sun then convert it to energy. Your house will operate off that energy and the excessive energy that isn’t being used is stored in the solar storage system. When the sun sets, your house still will be running off of green, clean solar energy.

Solar Battery Benefits

The most notorious Tesla Powerwall benefit includes producing all your electricity without having to use energy from the energy company. Solar panels oftentimes produce more electricity than a house will use during specific times of the day. With a Powerwall, it’s possible to store this energy for later usage, rather than letting it be wasted.

More importantly, energy providers frequently increase their prices at specific points of the year and the price of energy is consistently increasing. With the Powerwall it’s possible to avoid those peak charges and rates. Even when the solar panels aren’t generating energy your house still will operate on stored energy from the Tesla Powerwall.

The most enticing and final benefit of the Powerwall includes protecting your property when disaster strikes. When your community is struck with hurricanes or winter storms and is out of power, the Tesla Powerwall gives you the capability of powering your residence’s essential electronics with its stored energy.

Why Should You Get the Tesla Powerwall?

If you want to be energy independent, this is what you need. With the combination of your solar panels and Powerwall solar batteries, your house will be pulling much less electricity from the grid than ever before. Fewer fossil fuels will need to be utilized to produce that power, which means less pollution. So, the Tesla Powerwall helps keep the environment green while giving you the benefit of reducing your monthly energy expenses. Contact our team today to learn more!

Installation of a home’s solar panels in Chattanooga

Solar Panel System: What Size do you Need?

Installation of a home’s solar panels in Chattanooga

You made the decision to switch to clean, green, solar power, and are considering installing a solar panel system. There are some questions you can ask which helps you determine what you would like out of your solar system.

Do you want to lower your electric bill or go off grid?

If you really want to reduce your energy bill, the quantity of solar panels is determined by precisely how much you wish to reduce it by. If you simply want half of your energy usage to be lowered, the solar panel system likely will be smaller. If you wish to cover all of your energy needs, you probably will require a larger solar system in order for it to capture all of the solar power your house needs. Also, you might want to think about buying a solar energy battery that stores all excessive energy the panels will deliver. It’ll permit your house to operate on renewable energy even during the night.

How much energy are you consuming?

If your electric use is fairly low even without panels, it might mean the size of the panel system does not have to be that big. If your panels generate more energy than your house uses on a routine basis, you probably also would want to look at either net metering, or the installation of a solar battery in order for excess energy not to disappear.

How many kilowatt-hours can your panels generate?

The answer to that varies- that is because, like vehicles, solar panels are available in different brands and generate different electricity levels. For instance, a bifacial solar panel that generates electricity from both sides- naturally will produce more energy than single-sided solar panels.

What size system should you get?

The answer to that varies from one house to another, and depends mostly on the aforementioned factors above. If you wish to cover all of your energy needs, you probably will require a bigger solar panel system, meaning of course, more panels. But, if there’s limited space on the roof you might instead utilize higher efficiency panels. It’d mean fewer panels, but more production rates.

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