Access control system installed by a PLC programming company

5 Questions to Help Select the Right Access Control System for You

An access control system is a huge investment for any company, but installing the right one is essential for getting the most for your money. Here are some questions you should be asking to select the best system for you.

1 – What Level of Security Do You Need?

This depends on many factors, such as the location of the building you want to protect, the number of employees and contractors you have, and the nature of your business. Some industries, such as information technology, pharmaceuticals, and electronic component manufacturing, require strict access controls that can’t be maintained by using keys. This can be to protect company secrets, maintain a clean room for production or manufacturing, or follow legal requirements.

Access control system installed by a PLC programming company

2 – How Much Do You Have to Spend?

Access control systems can range in price from several hundred dollars to tens of thousands. You should know precisely how many entrances and restricted areas you want to protect. You also need to consider the features you want the access control system to have. The type of locks, the means of controlling access, and the production of badges or biometric access are just a few options you might want to install within your system. Getting quotes from several vendors and access control system installers is also a good idea.

3 – How Well Does It Work With Your Other Systems?

Burglar alarm and fire alarm systems should work smoothly together to prevent conflict or disaster. Access management systems should be easy to expand for future growth. It also should integrate with your PLC programming system.

4 – What Do Other Companies Think About the System?

It is easy to look at online reviews to see how other customers liked the system. What are some of the problems they encountered with the installation, implementation, or everyday use of the system? What do they like and not like about the system? Reach out to your peers within the industry and ask what access control system they are using.

5 – Is It Easy to Use?

An excellent access control system should be easy to use for both the people using the system every day and the managers who implement and control the system. Complex systems lead to frustrated workers and managers. The access control system should make life easier, not harder.

Answering these questions should help narrow down your choices and guide you to selecting the right access control system.

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An access management system installation in progress by an electrical contractor in Knoxville

What is an Access Management System?

When most people think about access management systems, they tend to think about the smart badge they use to unlock doors at their workplaces or the electronic door locks they can use their smartphones to unlock. But this is only a tiny part of an access management system. Instead, access management systems are mainly about access control.

An access management system installation in progress by an electrical contractor in Knoxville

Components of Access Management Systems

Some highly-regulated industries require tightly controlled access management of both systems and spaces of their employees, contractors, suppliers, and (at times) their customers. Some of the access control measures used include:

  • Proximity detection – This is the basis of the smart badges that are so common in today’s workplaces. These can be programmed to allow access to some buildings or areas within those buildings as dictated by that individual’s work assignments.
  • Fingerprint scans – One step beyond the smart badge is the installation of fingerprint scanners for all buildings and restricted areas within those buildings. This eliminates the need for a smart badge, and the company doesn’t have to worry about dealing with the headaches caused by lost badges or when the employee occasionally leaves it at home.
  • Facial Recognition – This is becoming more common in some industries. This also eliminates a need for smart badges and the headaches associated with them.
  • Smart Locks – These are key components that help control access using any of the other methods above, including keypads and key fobs. Smart locks allow you to provide the exact access your employees, contractors, suppliers, and customers need without giving them additional access that they don’t need (or that you don’t want them to have).

These are just a few components used to provide secure access management within your organization.

Identity and Access Management Systems

None of these access management components would work without a solid IT infrastructure to support it. This includes software and hardware. The software stores and handles the identity and profile data and keeps it secure from external and internal threats. Some of the methods used to manage this identity data include single sign-on systems, two-factor authentication, multifactor authentication, and privileged access management. These systems have well-defined parameters and follow data governance processes to ensure that the data provided is critical to the individual’s work assignments and not excessive. Some of the functions of these systems include:

  • Tracking how users are identified within the access management system
  • Establishing how the user roles are defined and implemented within the system
  • Protecting all sensitive data within the system
  • Adding, deleting, and updating users within the system as well as the access for them

All modern businesses require an access management system to ensure the safety of the company’s property, assets, workers, vendors, and customers.

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