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5 Commercial Businesses That Require High-Voltage Electrical Services

High voltage electrical needs are not limited to industrial electrical customers. Many commercial businesses also require high-voltage electrical services to deliver power to their customers and keep their businesses running. Here are some examples of the types of commercial customers that require high-voltage electrical services:

1. Large Office Complexes

Large office complexes, whether they are in skyscrapers, or spread out office parks require a tremendous amount of power to function. These complexes require reliable electrical power for lights, heating and cooling, elevators, telecommunication centers, computer operations, and much more. These businesses require transformers to bring power from the grid to these buildings and robust power distribution systems to deliver it.

High voltage commercial electrician at work

2. Retail Stores

Today’s retail space features large, open spaces requiring extensive lighting systems, heating and cooling controls, elevators and escalators, power for plumbing, security systems, and much more. The commercial electrical services required gets even more important and complicated if this is a large shopping center or mall.

3. Hotels

Hotels have the same lighting and temperature control needs as office complexes and stores, but also experience variable power demand based on the current occupancy in the building. This makes high-voltage power automation systems critical to optimize energy usage to keep energy costs low to maintain profitability. Some large hotels also install high-voltage backup generators available in the event of a power outage.

4. Healthcare Facilities

A lot of medical equipment requires a tremendous amount of power. MRI machines, surgical lasers, robotic surgery systems, and more. The power supplied to medical facilities must also be robust and consistent so that surges and brownouts do not damage the delicate equipment. Rugged backup generators also need to be installed to keep life-saving equipment operational when the main power grid is offline. This power needs to be consistent and transition smoothly from the main grid to the backup generators when taking care of patients during an emergency. This requires the installation of specialized high-voltage power lines and transformers to ensure the smooth transmission of power into the medical facility.

5. Restaurants

Restaurants are another business that requires flexible lighting and temperature controls, but also need to power high-voltage food preparation equipment such as room-sized refrigerators and freezers, smoke and odor filtration systems, and cooking equipment.

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7 Industries That Must Use Industrial Electrical Services

Many businesses rely on industrial electrical services to keep their operations running smoothly and safely. These systems require specialized industrial electrical expertise to maintain, repair, and install them.

1. Factories

Factories are full of heavy machinery, robotic equipment, conveyor systems, access control systems, generators, and much more. These require sophisticated power distribution systems, high-voltage infrastructure, and seamless coordination to work together smoothly.

Plant requiring industrial electrical services

2. Food Processing

Food processing plants also have a lot of heavy machinery, such as conveyors, packaging equipment, huge ovens, and refrigeration units. They also must maintain proper temperatures to prevent spoilage and contamination, so reliable electrical systems are a must for this industry.

3. Power Plants

To generate and distribute electricity, you require expertise in creating infrastructure that supports high-voltage systems, transformers, and switchgear. These industrial electricians are trained rigorously to engineer and construct these systems. This also includes renewable energy operations such as solar farms, wind turbines, etc. Industrial electricians play a pivotal role in installing these systems, integrating them into the main grid, and maintaining them.

4. Mining

Mining uses a lot of heavy machinery and specialized equipment that must be protected against the severe conditions and processes used to extract elements from the ground. These electrical systems must be safe and reliable to protect the workers whose lives depend on them.

5. Oil and Gas Refining

Refining oil and gas is a complex process involving hazardous materials, which require strenuous safety standards to prevent catastrophic accidents. Experienced and well-trained industrial electricians are essential for these projects.

6. Data Centers

Computer and networking equipment is the backbone of the internet and our telecommunication and commerce systems. This equipment is often highly specialized, generates a lot of heat, and must be kept cool. Power surges and brownouts can damage this equipment, so the electrical systems installed at these locations must consider this.

7. Airports

Airports are miniature cities that require robust communication systems, lighting, transportation (of both people and freight), and heavy equipment operation. Airports also have complex security and screening systems that need an industrial electrician’s expertise.

The Common Denominator is Safety

What all of these industries have in common is a need for safety. Whether it is producing goods, packaging food, or refining gasoline, all of these industries require precise and safe installation of electrical systems to support the power infrastructure for the equipment. Without these systems, products, equipment, buildings, and lives are at risk, so hiring an experienced, competent industrial electrician is paramount to ensure the safety and success of your business.

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