Industrial electricians must have considerable experience working with different types of highly specialized industrial equipment, advanced troubleshooting skills, the ability to read and interpret drawings and blueprints, awareness of electrical codes, industrial control system operation, and much more. They also need skills and experience outside of working with electrical equipment, such as coordinating with other contractors working on the equipment or building, working with vendors to order parts and troubleshoot issues, collaborating with inspectors and regulatory agencies, and much more.

Meters installed by electrical services commercial

Industrial Electrical Projects We Deliver

Some of the industrial electrical projects we work on include:

  • Programming and installing Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) for industrial systems
  • Planning and integrating industrial control systems (ICS)
  • Installing, troubleshooting, and repairing industrial equipment
  • Establishing and maintaining power distribution centers
  • Performing industrial electrical maintenance
  • Sizing and installing backup generators and motor controls
  • Replacing outdated or insufficient industrial electrical equipment and wiring
  • Constructing electric vehicle infrastructure such as EV charging stations
Panel installed by a PLC programming company

Why Select Tri-State Electrical Contractors for Industrial Electrical Work?

Industrial electrical equipment is extremely complex, handles high voltages, is highly specialized, and is extremely dangerous if installed or maintained by anyone who isn’t a trained, experienced industrial electrician.

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