A solar storage system in Knoxville, Tennessee

5 Things You Need to Know About Solar Storage

Solar energy storage installations and deployments set a record in 2020, with each quarter breaking the record-breaking previous quarter. The use of solar energy and solar energy storage systems is becoming more accepted and prevalent. Here are a few things you should know about solar storage:

1 – The Decreasing Cost of Solar Storage

The cost of installing a solar storage system has decreased steadily over the last ten years. And future technology and efficiency improvements should continue to reduce the cost of installing and operating a solar storage system, getting you a faster ROI.

This cost depends on many factors such as the type of solar storage system you want to install, the area where you live, and the number and composition of the batteries used within the system. A complete solar storage system can cost between $14,000 and $25,000.

A solar storage system in Knoxville, Tennessee

2 – The Type and Lifespan of Solar Storage Batteries

Most solar storage systems use high-efficiency lithium-ion batteries which are widely available, energy-efficient, have good performance, and can last between 15 and 30 years.

3 – How Solar Energy Is Stored

Solar panels transfer energy to the batteries during daylight and sunny hours. These batteries can hold that energy and use it during the night or when the sun cannot provide enough power for your needs alone. Solar energy can be stored in these batteries for one to five days before the battery loses its charge.

4 – Excess Energy Equals Electric Company Credit

Some solar storage systems provide the option for transmitting excess energy back into the electrical grid for credit from the electric company. Imagine getting an electric bill where they pay you money!

5 – Solar Storage Systems Are a Green Alternative to Backup Generators

In recent years weather-related events have resulted in massive outages in North Carolina, Florida, and areas along the West Coast. Severe heat can cause the energy demand to exceed the supply causing a need for rolling blackouts during peak usage. In addition, snow and ice storms, severe thunderstorms, and weather-related events such as hurricanes can damage the electrical grid causing outages that can last days or weeks. With a solar storage system, you can maintain your power independently of the grid, allowing you to maintain power without using additional fuel. During a widespread natural disaster, generators and the diesel fuel needed to power them may be expensive and difficult (if not impossible) to find. A solar storage system allows you to maintain energy independence during these challenging events.

Is a Solar Storage System Installation Right for You?

Give Tri-State Electrical Contractors a call at (423) 800-2134, fill out our simple online form, or email us at info@tristateec.com, and we can provide you with a comprehensive solar energy assessment to help determine what solar storage solution might work best for you.

High-voltage electrical work by industrial electrician in Atlanta

Why You Should Hire Experienced Professional Industrial Electricians

The average person can complete most residential electrical projects with some knowledge and expert guidance via YouTube. But industrial electrical equipment is a whole other ballgame. Industrial electrical equipment is extremely complex, handles high voltages, is highly specialized, and is extremely dangerous if installed or maintained by anyone who isn’t a trained, experienced industrial electrician.

High-voltage electrical work by industrial electrician in Atlanta

Industrial Electricians Are Safer

Inexperienced electricians endanger everyone in the building. Improper equipment installation can create fire and electrical hazards that can cause tremendous damage to the equipment and facilities, injuring or possibly killing anyone who works with that equipment. Industrial electricians receive extensive safety training before they ever get to work on an industrial electrical project and ongoing training for the equipment they work on.

Industrial Electricians Are Expert Problem Solvers

The biggest challenge that industrial electricians face is not the equipment’s installation but the environment where that equipment is installed. Interfacing industrial equipment with electrical systems can present many challenges, such as:

  • Old buildings with an inadequate electrical infrastructure to operate industrial equipment safely
  • Interfacing old industrial equipment with new electrical systems
  • Integrating new industrial equipment into an existing installation and production setup
  • Insufficient or inadequate wiring for the existing industrial equipment
  • Correctly diagnosing and repairing current industrial equipment

No solid guidelines or resources are available for some of the highly specialized industrial electrical configurations used. In addition, every industrial business has its own quirks and eccentricities that must be factored in when installing industrial equipment.

Industrial Electricians Save Time

Because industrial electricians believe in extensive training and experience to earn certificates to work in the field, they have resources and specialized equipment that other electrical workers do not. Where other electricians struggle to figure out which tools to address the issue, an industrial electrician will have the tools necessary and the knowledge to fix the issue. Industrial electricians are also familiar with the technology and industrial equipment within the customers’ industries, making finding and resolving problems faster.

Industrial Electricians Save Money

Getting an electrical problem fixed right the first time by an experienced industrial electrician is far better than saving a few dollars by hiring a non-specialized electrician or even trying to do it yourself and needing it to be redone. An incorrect installation or repair can also result in a fire or electrical shock, which may cause significant (and expensive) damage to your equipment, buildings, and even your people.

Because of an industrial electrician’s training and experience, they can complete even difficult work quickly, getting that equipment back online fast and limiting costly downtime. Experienced industrial electricians also can identify possible issues before they become bad enough to result in downtime or damage and pre-emptively fix them when the fix is cheaper.

Looking for Experienced Industrial Electricians?

Then look no further. Tri-State Electrical is one of the premier industrial and commercial electrical providers in the Southeastern U.S. Whether you are looking for industrial electrical installation or repair, PLC programming services, or high voltage electrical services, Tri-State Electrical Contractors can deliver. For more information or to get a quote, call (423) 800-2134, fill out our simple online form or email us at info@tristateec.com today.