Whether you are a local or coming to Nashville from out of town who is on the lookout for activities to entertain yourself, there are more than enough activities to keep folks busy having a great time in Music City. This means drinking, eating, checking out Nashville’s various communities, exploring the fantastic outdoors, as well as all of the other things we have listed below. If you are searching for activities to make you fall in love with Music City, or to make you love Music City again, search no further.

Take a stroll on Radnor Lake

Contrary to popular belief Radnor Lake trails and forests aren’t just for birds and avid birders. The miles of paths range from challenging to flat and nature enthusiasts of every age take advantage of the breathtaking beauty of this scenic oasis. It’s a great place to safely socialize and exercise your legs. The suburban oasis also has the extra benefit of being an excellent date idea, and one of the top hikes in this area.

Find Out About OGs of Nashville Hot Chicken

It goes without question that there’s been a major upstart in hot chicken restaurants popping up all around town and throughout Middle Tennessee. However, for a taste of history, you ought to experience your chicken cooked by families who’ve been doing it for years. The king of chicken is Prince’s Hot Chicken; but you won’t want to miss a visit to 400 Degrees or Bolton’s to try out more heat masters.

Experience insightful walking tours

Despite all of those hills, Music City still is an excellent strolling city, and many various tour companies are glad to lead you along on guided walks where you can get a bit of exercise as you discover new facts about the town. There are tours focused on drink, food, history, music, as well as ghosts. When the double decker tour bus rides past, you will get some satisfaction knowing you actually are experiencing Music City from street-level.

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