Solar storage system Chattanooga

What is Solar Storage?

Solar storage (AKA solar battery storage) is a technology that allows you to use solar power in your home or business even after the sun has set. Because solar panels only generate energy during the day, there needs to be a way to use power at night. This is where solar storage comes in. Solar storage is a set of solar backup batteries that store solar energy until it needs to be used either at night or during outages.

Solar storage system Chattanooga

What Are the Benefits of Solar Storage?

Energy independence is the biggest benefit of using a solar storage system. Previously solar energy could only be used during the day, and solar storage changes everything. Solar battery systems allow solar energy to be used at night, during outages, or whenever power is needed.

Lower energy bills is another massive benefit to using solar storage. Being able to supply all of your energy from the sun can significantly reduce your energy bills. In fact, you might be able to sell excess power back to your electricity supplier in some cases.

Secure Source of Power

As residents of North Carolina discovered last year, a big storm has the potential to damage electrical infrastructure severely, and people might end up without power for many hours or even days. A solar storage system is independent of the electrical grid and can be self-sustaining during an emergency. Even if the rest of the electrical grid is down in your area or neighborhood, a solar storage system allows you to live normally and help others during trying times.

Environmentally Friendly

The source of solar energy is free and reduces the amount of energy needing to be produced by fossil fuels such as coal and natural gas for the world as a whole. You can significantly reduce or even eliminate your need for energy from energy companies with solar battery systems.

Increase the Value of Your Home or Business

Adding solar panels and a solar battery storage system is highly sought after in many areas within the country. Energy-independent buildings can raise the value anywhere from 4 to 6%, a significant amount. When adding this to the energy savings you get, the value of a solar energy system is clear.

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