Worker inspecting a solar storage installation

Best Practices for Maintaining a Solar Storage System

A solar storage system is not just the batteries and capacitors that hold the energy. To process that energy and store it efficiently, you need to examine all of the components in the system. This includes the solar panels, the wiring and connectors within the system, and the solar batteries.

Here are some best practices for maintaining a solar storage system. But before you get started, review your manufacturer’s instructions for each system component and follow their guidelines.

Maintaining Solar Panels

Worker inspecting a solar storage installation

Solar panels cover the most square footage of all components within the system and are outdoors. Therefore, they are more susceptible to the acts of nature. What are the best ways to maintain solar panels? Take these actions:

  • Making sure the light can get to the panels is the first place to inspect within the solar storage system. Check the area around the solar panels to ensure that nothing obstructs the light to the panels. The most common obstruction is trees. This might mean you need to trim them or cut down the trees altogether
  • Clear off any dust, dirt or debris such as leaves, sticks, grass and other common causes of dirty solar panels.
  • Clean the solar panels using the manufacturer’s recommended cleaning equipment and solution. Most of the time, a cleaning solution such as water and vinegar wiped on and off with a soft brush or cloth will be good enough.
  • Finally, inspect your solar panels for any chips or cracks. If you find damage, contact a qualified solar storage system installer to repair or replace the panels.

Maintaining the System Wiring and Connectors

The wiring and connections within the system are often the most fragile and vulnerable part of the solar storage system. As a result, you need to inspect all of the wires and connectors carefully to make sure they are not showing signs of damage or excessive wear.

Maintaining the Solar Batteries

Solar batteries require the most care of any components within a solar storage system. Do these to maintain them well:

  • One of the best ways to prolong a solar battery’s energy storage capacity is to monitor the battery’s charge to ensure it doesn’t completely discharge.
  • Regularly inspect the fluid level in the batteries and fill them with distilled water if needed.
  • Prevent corrosion by periodically cleaning the battery terminals with a terminal cleaning brush. This ensures that there is excellent electrical contact and limits inefficiencies.
  • If you are extremely handy, apply a sealant or high-temperature grease to the battery terminals to protect them from corrosion.

Get a Professional Solar Storage System Inspection

If any of the actions above are too difficult, or you do not have time to complete them, hire a solar storage system maintenance company, such as Tri-State Electrical Contractors, to perform a complete system inspection and take care of any maintenance the system needs. This protects your investment in the solar storage system and ensures it remains reliable and efficient for a long time.

Let Tri-State Electrical Contractors Handle Your Solar Storage System Needs

If you are considering installing a solar storage system, such as the Tesla Powerwall, reach out to Tri-State Electrical. we pride ourselves in answering your questions about any solar storage system’s needs. Whether you want to install a new solar storage solution or require maintenance or an inspection of an existing system, give us a call at (423) 800-2134, fill out our simple online form, or email us at today.