Commercial electrical contractor at work

7 Areas a Commercial Property Owner Should Ask Questions About in an Electrical Contracting Company

Commercial properties, whether retail spaces, restaurants, apartment buildings, or manufacturing plants, have many electrical needs. And commercial property owners need to select the best commercial electrical contractor to handle these needs. A commercial electrical contractor takes on a wide variety of projects, such as indoor and outdoor lighting, smart building systems, wiring repair and replacement, electrical for climate control systems, and much more. What should commercial property owners look for in a commercial electrical contracting company with this wide range of projects? What questions should you ask when selecting the right commercial electricians for your business? Here we have listed seven different areas with example questions you should ask any potential contractor.

Commercial electrical contractor at work
  • Licensed and insured –  Is the electrical contractor must be licensed and insured in the state where the building is located? This is extremely important to protect it if something goes wrong.
  • Experience – Does the electrical contractor has a verifiable portfolio of projects of similar size and scope to yours?
  • References – Get input from other customers. Are they pleased with the quality and cost of the electrical contractor’s work? What does the client think about the company’s customer service? Have they had any problems? Are they satisfied with the resolutions?
  • Availability – How soon can they get started on your project? How long do they think it will take to complete the project? Does it fit your timeline?
  • Quality – Does the commercial electrical contractor provide a warranty for their work? Are they members of professional organizations such as NECA and the Associated General Contractors of America? Have their electricians earned certificates and pursued additional training?
  • Safety – What is the contractor’s commitment to safety? Are they members of organizations such as OSHA and the CORE Safety Group? Does the company culture promote safety?
  • Affordability – Is the price competitive compared to other quotes for the work? What does the price specifically cover when evaluating the quotes? Is it by the project? Or is it a time and materials project? Do they provide a written quote?

Asking questions in these seven areas will help you choose the right electrical contracting company for your commercial property.

Let Tri-State Electrical Contractors Handle Your Commercial Electrical Services Needs

At Tri-State Electrical, we pride ourselves on answering all of your questions about your commercial electrical service needs. For more information, get a quote for your commercial electrical projects by calling (423) 800-2134, filling out our simple online form, or emailing us at today.

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