Solar panels for your solar storage system

4 Benefits of Installing a Solar Storage System Today

Solar storage systems such as the Tesla Powerwall cost a lot of money. This purchase may be hard to justify in the monthly budget for home, commercial, or industrial electrical customers. So let’s look at the benefits of installing a solar storage system.

1   Reduces Energy Costs

Storing excess solar energy allows you to use it at night or on days when your solar panels don’t produce much power. You can use this energy instead of that provided by the power company. How much you can save depends on many factors, such as location, hours of sun exposure, number of sunny days, power usage level, energy consumption rate, and much more. But generally speaking, an installed solar storage system pays for itself in energy savings over ten years.

Solar panels for your solar storage system

2   Improves Energy Independence

Our energy grid breaks down more often under the climate change brought on by global warming. Worsening storms, longer heat waves, and polar vortexes wreak havoc on the power grid. If your area is prone to frequent power outages, the power loss can be costly in production stoppages, spoiled food, lost wages, and much more. The energy independence from the power grid created by a solar storage system brings you peace of mind knowing that your energy source is secure even during difficult times.

3   Provides Backup Power During Outages

Record-breaking heat waves are straining the energy infrastructure more than ever. Because of this strain, electric companies occasionally implement rolling blackouts to help ease it. Excess heat isn’t the only cause of power outages. Nasty thunderstorms and winter storms can also bring down power lines and damage transformers, leading to unpredictable outages. With a solar storage solution, you can work around sudden outages and keep the lights on while the energy infrastructure is repaired.

4   Benefits the Environment

Using the sun’s power reduces the fossil fuels necessary to produce the energy you need to live. Solar storage solutions reduce your carbon footprint, improving your health and quality of life for you and those around you.

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