Industrial electrical contractors troubleshooting industrial electrical problems

4 Common Challenges Industrial Electrical Contractors Face

Industrial electrical contractors are highly-specialized workers in a highly specialized field. Although many of the challenges they encounter are not unique, awareness of them is critical to avoid damage, injury, and potential work stoppage due to these issues.

Industrial electrical contractors troubleshooting industrial electrical problems

1 – Power Surges

Where surge protectors protect personal computers and other electronic items in our homes, power surges are more common in industrial environments and more damaging because of the size and power needed by the equipment used in the building. Industrial electrical contractors understand this and design power systems that can handle these surges while protecting the company’s equipment and employees.

2 – Power Loss

Whether due to storm damage, accident, or planned maintenance, industrial businesses must keep running regardless of the situation. As a result, industrial electrical companies provide a variety of backup power generation sources such as backup generators or off-grid power sources such as solar and wind. In most industrial environments, downtime is never a good thing.

3 – Worn Out Equipment

Most industrial equipment gets a lot of use; as a result, wear and tear are inevitable. However, some of these problems are easy to resolve because they are designed to be replaceable, such as bulbs, fuses, and switches.

Other problems require some troubleshooting, and because of the nature of industrial equipment and environments, this may require industrial electrical troubleshooting to identify the issue. This type of troubleshooting requires extensive knowledge and experience with the company’s environment and variety of equipment. In addition, this type of troubleshooting may involve using highly-specialized equipment for issues that are particularly difficult to track down.

4 – Defective Wiring

Wiring is the most common point of failure within industrial electrical equipment and, in many ways, the most dangerous. When wiring isn’t installed correctly, is the wrong gauge for the job, or the insulation is worn away, it is unsafe and sometimes tricky to find. A knowledgeable industrial electrical contractor can help mitigate these issues and fix them when they encounter them.

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