Power Distribution Center electrical contractor Atlanta

What is a Power Distribution Center?

Power distribution systems are a critical part of any electrical power system. To transfer electrical power from its source to where it is used, requires a power distribution center.

Power Distribution Center electrical contractor Atlanta

A power distribution center (PDC) regulates the distribution of electrical power to equipment at an industrial plant, homes in your neighborhood, or systems on your car.  Typically, a switchgear supplies power to the PDC.

How Do Commercial and Industrial Electricians Use PDCs

For commercial or industrial electrical work, power distribution centers tend to be large enclosures of electrical equipment housed in an electrical room, on the roof of a building, or even a separate dedicated building somewhere on the company’s property. Commercial and industrial electricians use power distribution centers to manage the raw current coming from the electrical source and feeding it to all of the systems that require it within the building or property.

Components of a Power Distribution Center

No PDCs will be exactly alike. The components within the PDC depends on the amount of energy needed, location, how the energy is being used, etc. But most PDCs have the following components:

  • Housing – Most electrical equipment is delicate and requires protection from extreme weather (high-winds, torrential rain, severe heat and cold, and much more). Housings protect the equipment within the PDC, as well as keep the weather, temperature extremes, vermin, and other annoyances out.
  • Transformer – Transformers convert incoming high-voltage electricity to a lower voltage to be distributed throughout the building or property. loads such as motor control centers (MCC’s). Feeder breakers for these loads will be located on the PDC. PDC’s will often contain additional protective relays, monitoring equipment, fuses, terminal points, etc.
  • Motor Control Center – This component controls some or all electric motors from a central location. These can be mini-PDCs themselves using a shared power bus for each section. These may include a motor starter, fuses or circuit breaker, and power disconnect. Each section may also include push buttons, indicator lights, variable-frequency drives, programmable logic controllers, and metering equipment.
  • Safety Equipment – Such as fuses and circuit breakers.

Power distribution centers are a common feature for commercial and industrial electrical projects, so it is critical to have PDC experts handling your installation. So why not hire the best commercial and industrial electrical contractors in the Southeastern US? Tri-State Electrical Contractors’ industrial and commercial electricians are licensed in Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and (soon) Florida. We can handle any commercial or industrial electrical project you need to be completed quickly and competently. For more information, give us a call at (423) 800-2134, fill out our simple online form, or email us at info@tristateec.com today.

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