Gauge used for high-voltage electrical work by a high-voltage electrician in Atlanta

4 Benefits of Hiring Experienced High-Voltage Electric Service Technicians

Many commercial and industrial businesses require high-voltage energy to run their equipment and infrastructure. And high voltage electrical projects are highly specialized and extremely dangerous if installed or maintained by poorly trained or inexperienced commercial or industrial electricians.

Gauge used for high-voltage electrical work by a high-voltage electrician in Atlanta

1 — Experienced High-Voltage Electricians Are Safer

Where high-voltage equipment is concerned, improper installation can easily create fire and electrical hazards that endanger everyone in the building. This includes expensive damage to the facilities and equipment and possibly injuring or killing anyone who works with it. Therefore, high-voltage electricians receive extensive safety training before they work on a high-voltage electrical project and complete ongoing training for the high-voltage equipment they work  on.

2 – High Voltage Electricians Are Expert Problem Solvers

High-voltage electricians face many challenges with high-voltage electrical equipment such as power transformers, switching gear, control equipment, power relay panels, and industry-specific machinery. But the environment where that equipment is installed. Interfacing industrial equipment with electrical systems can present many challenges, such as:

  • Old buildings with inadequate electrical infrastructure to operate high-voltage equipment safely
  • Interfacing old equipment with new high-voltage electrical systems
  • Integrating high-voltage equipment into an existing installation and production setup
  • Insufficient or inadequate wiring for the existing equipment
  • Correctly diagnosing and repairing current high-voltage equipment

No solid guidelines or resources are available for some highly specialized high-voltage electrical equipment, requiring research, consultation with experts, and hands-on experience to get the installation right.

3 — Experienced High-Voltage Electricians Save Time

Because high-voltage electricians believe in extensive training and experience to earn certificates to work in the field, they have resources and specialized equipment that other electrical workers do not. Where other electricians struggle to figure out which tools to address the issue, an experienced high-voltage electrician will have the tools necessary and the knowledge to fix the problem faster.

4 — Experienced High-Voltage Electricians Save Money

Getting a high-voltage electrical problem fixed right the first time by an experienced electrician is far better than saving some money on an inexperienced electrician. An incorrect installation or repair leads to rework and possibly a fire or electrical shock.

Experienced high-voltage electricians can quickly complete complex work, quickly getting that equipment back online and limiting costly downtime.

Looking for Experienced High-Voltage Electricians?

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