Home in need of a burglar alarm system

Best Practices for Burglar Alarm System Installations

Burglar alarm systems protect your home and business. But burglar alarm systems cannot ensure this protection unless installed correctly. If you want to reduce crime and increase protection follow these best practices during the installation process.

Home in need of a burglar alarm system

What Type of System Meets Your Needs?

Consider two factors when selecting a system type. The level of protection needed, reliability and time needed to install the system.

Monitored or Unmonitored?

Monitored systems can alert a central monitoring system, which contacts emergency services if necessary. Unmonitored systems sound an alarm which may be ignored by determined criminals or not taken seriously by bystanders.

Wired or Wireless?

Wireless systems are easier to install and take less time, but may be vulnerable to interference. And some systems need periodic battery recharges. Wired systems are more complex to install and more expensive, but resist interference and hardier.

Sensors and Where to Place Them

Entry points are the most vulnerable part of a burglar alarm system. All doors and windows should have sensors in place. Other access points that may be overlooked are garages, basements, attic windows, and pet doors. Interior motion detectors in high-traffic areas is a good idea as well. Other sensors that can be integrated into the burglar alarm system include smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

Control Panel Placement

Most homes and businesses place the control panel near the main entry. This is a bad idea. It should be in a central location and hidden from view. This makes it harder to locate and disable. But, the keypad must be easy to access and use by the people on site so it can be quickly disabled when necessary.

Include a Power Backup

Experienced burglars often cut power to burglar alarm systems to disable the alarms. High-quality alarm systems include a battery backup system to keep the alarm operational during outages.

Test and Maintain the System Regularly

Your burglar alarm system must be tested regularly to ensure all sensors and components are working correctly. You also need to follow your manufacturer’s maintenance schedule and care instructions to ensure it works properly.

Ready to Install a Burglar Alarm System? Call Tri-State Electrical.

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