Tool for performing commercial electrical services

5 Tips for Maintaining Commercial Electrical Systems

Commercial electrical systems are complex and require regular maintenance to ensure safety, reliability, and efficiency. Although it is always a good idea to have an experienced commercial electrician regularly inspect your system, there are a few actions you can take yourself:

1. Inspect Electrical Appliances and Equipment

You should check your electrical equipment and appliances weekly for signs of wear and damage. Look for frayed wiring and cords, and check the outlets, plugs, and panels for any cracks or warping.

Don’t forget to use your other senses to inspect the equipment. If you feel excessive heat radiating off of equipment or smell hot rubber or plastic, these might indicate an overloaded circuit or damage causing the equipment to run hot. Pay attention if your equipment makes strange sounds or sounds louder than usual. Grinding or scraping sounds can indicate misaligned, damaged, or worn parts within the equipment.

Damaged equipment runs less efficiently, and if the issues are not addressed promptly, it may result in a more expensive repair.

Tool for performing commercial electrical services

2. Read the Manuals

Most commercial equipment and appliances require regular maintenance schedules for lubrication, changing filters, adding fluids, etc. The manuals for your equipment will always have information about its maintenance schedule. Follow the equipment manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule to the letter to prevent problems down the line.

3. Prevent Overloaded Circuits

A lot of commercial-grade electrical equipment requires a lot of power. If you have older circuits and wiring in your building, you might be consuming more energy than the electrical equipment was designed to handle.

Overloading circuits may cause fires or electrocution hazards. Always make sure not to plug in too many appliances into a single outlet or surge protector. And never use extension cords for high-wattage appliances.

4. Maintain Detailed Electrical Maintenance and Repair Records

A detailed record of all maintenance performed on your electrical system is critical for adhering to regular maintenance schedules, identifying chronic or predictable issues with the system, and discovering potential problems that might become more significant problems in the future. Good maintenance records can prolong the life of your equipment, limit downtime and expensive repairs, and inform the commercial electrical company you hire of the system’s current status.

5. Call a Professional Commercial Electrician

Hiring a certified commercial electrical company to manage your electrical needs can also make it a lot easier on yourself.

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