Modern businesses need high-speed connectivity to support actions such as:

  • Smart applications for commercial and industrial functions, such as lighting and 5G communications
  • eCommerce and online business transactions
  • Video conferencing and virtual meetings
  • Cloud computing
  • Online streaming and gaming

For these reasons, fiber optic cabling is the superior way to connect your business infrastructure. Fiber optic cabling is superior to copper cabling in the following ways:

  • Carries signals over greater distances
  • Faster data transmission rates
  • Far greater bandwidth
  • More reliable
  • Takes up less space

The global fiber optic cabling market forecast indicates that the market size will reach $9.73 billion by 2027, with North America being the fastest-growing area of this market.

Reasons to Choose Tri-State Electrical to Install Your Optical Fiber

Optical fiber can be complex and require electrical, IT, and telephone systems integration. So why not hire a commercial electrical contractor to do the job for you? Here are a few reasons:


Because Tri-State Electrical provides a range of electrical services across many sectors, we are familiar with many different types of buildings and architecture and know what structured cabling systems need to work well within them. In addition, our highly experienced electricians and project managers have seen almost everything and know how to select, install, and support an optical fiber system that will meet your specific needs.

Live optical fiber


One of the basic requirements of an installed optical fiber system is that it is predictable and reliable. Reliability is not just about starting a project on time. It’s about delivering these projects under budget. You also can depend on the high quality of our work. For structured cabling systems, this is particularly important because an outage can take your business offline. Whether this is shutting down equipment on a network or making it impossible to contact your business, an unreliable structured cabling system can cost your business thousands of dollars.

Superior Problem-Solving Ability

Installing optical fiber systems are time-consuming and complex projects. However, all projects encounter unforeseen issues. Because we provide various commercial and industrial electrical services across many industries, our team of experienced electricians and project managers can quickly identify and resolve these problems before they lead to unforeseen delays and cost overruns.


We have a zero-tolerance policy for unsafe workplace practices while emphasizing our rules, standards, and procedures when providing our services from beginning to end. For this reason, you can rest easy knowing that your optical fiber system will be installed the right way the first time.

Optical fiber network installation in progress

Looking for Optical Fiber Network Equipment Installation?

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