Residential Solar Services

Are you tired of paying high utility bills? Concerned with your impact on the environment? Tri-State Electrical Contractors will help you choose the proper solar panels for your house in the Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia and Texas area and install them immediately. If you need a solar water heating system, solar pool heating system, or photovoltaic system installed, we have you covered.

Solar Panel System

Whether your aim includes saving money on utility bills, reducing our country’s dependence upon foreign oil or minimizing your carbon footprint, we’re able to create a solar energy system which meets your needs. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us at (423) 800-2134 immediately to begin your solar panel installation.

Get off of the grid and assist in protecting our planet

Trust Tri-State Electrical Contractors to assist you in deciding on the proper solar panels for your house in Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia and Texas. Our aim includes helping you realize how various solar energy systems operate, helping you select the proper system for your house and installing it in on time.

Tri-State Electrical Contractors’ residential solar services include:
• Solar energy system maintenance and repair
• Photovoltaic system installation
• Solar pool heating system installation
• Solar water heating system installation
• Free site analysis

Commercial Solar Services

commercial solar power

Tri-State Electrical Contractors specialize in large-scale solar photovoltaic and thermal systems made to provide maximum energy savings, as well as a lengthy service life for various applications in the institutional, government, and commercial industries. Tri-State Electrical Contractors provides a comprehensive array of commercial solar services which allow you to rely upon one partner at each phase of the design-build process, from the first site analysis to observing energy production of your customized solar panel system. In taking this organic approach, we decrease the quantity of energy and time our clients spend managing every step of the process, and ensure we generate the most efficient, cost effective commercial solar panels.

Tri-State Electrical Contractors’ services include:
• Efficiency Data Monitoring and Solar Panel Performance
• Commercial Solar Installation
• Design-Build Custom Solar Thermal Systems
• Feasibility Studies
• Energy Audits
• Site Analysis

Wherever the task, our commercial installers are there to get the project done in a timely manner.
Whether it’s a solar thermal system for a Central America hotel, or renewable energy option that has a turnkey PV system for a National Park Service, our company has the logistics and crew of commercial installers to ensure fast mobilization, as well as timely completion of the project irrespective of geographical area. We’ve installed some of the biggest solar thermal systems within the U.S. Every inquiry is welcome. Please feel free to get in touch with us at (423) 800-2134 or fill out the form to let our company get the sun to work for you.

On the lookout for even more ways that commercial solar systems will save you money? Did you have any idea that the Federal Government presently offers a 30 percent tax credit on commercial solar energy systems? Get in touch with Tri-State Electrical Contractors to learn more information about financing, as well as commercial solar incentives.