Benefits of going Solar

Top Benefits of Going Solar – Part 2

In our last blog, we shared insight on some of the top grounds for going solar. But there’s even more reasons to explore this route, so we’re continuing our look at why this could be a great opportunity for you or your business.

Benefits of going Solar

Solar is a Secure Investment

The energy providers are well-known for their unreliable and fluctuating electricity costs. There’s an upward trend.

With simple math and solar panels, our team is able to calculate how much electricity can be generated, and more importantly, at which price, for at least the following two decades.

Guaranteed Performance

Manufacturers of solar panels offer a 20- to 25-year warranty along with their panels. After 25 years, the industry standard guarantees 80 percent performance.

Solar panels’ real lifespans are much longer – your panels will likely generate a significant amount of electricity 30 to 40 years into the future.

Save the Environment

It’s a given that most homeowners opt to try solar because it makes sense from a financial viewpoint. With that being said, the environmental advantages also are worth mentioning.

The United States places 2nd in the world in yearly CO2 emissions at 17.9 percent, directly behind China. It’s possible to go a long way in reducing your carbon footprint by replacing electric power with clean electricity from panels.

The median residential system offsets around 100,000 pounds of CO2 in two decades – the equivalent of driving an automobile for 100,000 miles.

Creates Energy Independence

With more individuals and businesses going solar, it’s possible to help to decrease United States dependence on foreign energy sources. We’ll inevitably run out of natural gas, coal, and oil, and while we continue our use of these increasingly expensive energy sources, our economy and national security suffers.

Solar is Easy

Investing in solar once was a complicated and long process. There are multitudes of solar providers in the United States alone. In the past, it could take weeks to locate the top solar deal. Thankfully things have changed.

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benefits of going solar

Top Benefits of Going Solar – Part 1

benefits of going solar

Back in 2012, the United States solar marketplace increased by 76 percent. Never in history has solar power been this obtainable to households in America. What are the reasons so many homeowners opt to go solar nowadays? Let’s dive into the top benefits of going solar:

Save Money

This one’s a no brainer! According to experts, adding solar panels to a house may bring in month-to-month savings of above $100 in most states. Extend that to 20 years, less than the length of a standard solar panel warranty, and that translates to more than $30,000.

Begin Saving from Day One

Solar PPAs (purchase power agreements) and solar leasing made it possible for owners to try solar for little or even no money down.

Most homeowners opt to finance their panels with a “pay-as-you-go” financing option. That means a 3rd-party company – a solar provider – owns the solar system and cares for repairs, performs monitoring and maintenance, and installation. You just pay the solar company for electricity – less than you would have paid a utility provider.

Incentives Abound

As of the year 2009, the $2,000 cap upon the Federal Solar Tax Credit was lifted. You’ll receive 30 percent of overall system expenses back. That means you’d save $7,500 upon a solar system that is worth $25,000. Combine that with local and state rebates and Solar Renewable Energy Credits and you may see overall expenses slashed in half. Plus, if choosing to pay in cash, the period of payback is in most cases less than 10 years.

Boost the Value of your Home

Purchasing a house that has solar panels translates to lower utility costs. Panels will boost a home`s appeal in the marketplace, similarly to houses that have low property taxes, houses in preferred school districts and houses that have great Home Energy Ratings.

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